About the company

     DOPPLEX MEDICAL is a Polish biotechnology company operating in the field of medical technologies, in particular PDT photodynamic therapy as well as photodynamic diagnostics. The company was founded in 2015 and in the first period of its activity worked on the development of innovative technologies for obtaining organic raw materials for the industry using fibrous plants.

     We invest in the development and clinical trials of medicinal products applied in the treatment of dermatological, oncological, gynecological, urological and dental diseases as well as diagnostic technologies based on the use of PDD photodynamic technology.

     We have created a research and development base based on a team of entities and people involved in the research and implementation works conducted by us. The scientists we work with form a team with vast scientific and technological experience.

     Our SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL are specialists of international class with recognized scientific achievements. We also conduct research projects related to the implementation of diagnostic products in diabetology.


"Our mission is to use the potential of the Polish scientists and the Polish research base in order to develop and implement medicinal products with the above-average medical effectiveness.
Medical products available to a wide range of patients who thanks to our medicines and medical devices will be able to effectively fight diseases and improve the quality of their lives. 
We strive to develop our diagnostic technologies that enable quick and precise diagnosis diseases. On the one hand we created tools enabling medical doctors fast diagnosis and on the other hand we provide tools in the form of dedicated medicines and interactive therapies.
The mission of DOPPLEX MEDICAL is to create new, effective and widely available therapies combining interactive and innovative technologies."

Jarosław Malik President of the Management Board,

Co-owner of DOPPLEX MEDICAL sp. z o.o.

DOPPLEX MEDICAL Sp. z o. o. concentrates its activities on the research, implementation and development of photodynamic therapy (PDT) technology, photodynamic diagnostics (PDD) as well as combining these technologies with other interactive technologies, including a low induction magnetic field. We combine the passions of our colleagues with the needs of patients by implementing medical products and therapies with low invasiveness and high effectiveness confirmed in clinical trials. The mission of DOPPLEX MEDICAL Sp. z o. o. is to popularize the use of modern photodynamic therapy and give patients the possibility of non-invasive and effective treatment and doctors to obtain excellent therapeutic results.


The Management Board

Jarosław Malik

President of the Management Board of DOPPLEX MEDICAL Sp. z o. o.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Economist and financist. A graduate of the University of Economics in Katowice. Since 1998, he has been effectively and credibly advising Polish and foreign enterprises and associations in making business decisions. 1998-2000 Consultant of foreign companies for securing transactions of international eastern markets in Ukraine and Russia. Since 2010, the President of the Management Board of Maximus Consulting Sp. z o.o., he specializes in financial analyses, market analyses, organization of funding for investment projects, including projects with the European Union funds. In the years 2004-2006 Director of international programs under the European Social Fund, inter alia EQUAL and Financial Director of the Polish Basketball Association. Financial engineer and Managing Director of projects implemented under Regional Operation Programs. For many years, he has been creating and developing new enterprises in the field of industrial and product innovation. Creator of a group of related companies in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, IT, industrial chemistry, pharmacy and international trade. Creator and President of the New Technologies Investment Group. Author of geopolitical economic strategies and President of the Board of the Institute of New Organic Technologies within which he develops innovative biomedical technologies.

 Monika Siwiec-Pałka

Member of the Management Board of DOPPLEX MEDICAL Sp. z o. o.


She has higher economic education and 20 years of professional experience. A graduate of Rzeszów University of Technology and Warsaw School of Economics. She extended her knowledge at specialized trainings in finance, accounting and taxation. A student of the MBA program run by the Kozminski University in Warsaw.  For many years she was responsible for the financial and accounting department in a construction company, and conducted financial and accounting activities advising companies in conducting their business.


The Scientific Council

Professor Borkowski Leszek - Pharm. D. Leszek Borkowski, 2nd degree specialist in drug analysis. Drug market consultant for US investment funds. Member of the advisory team for Eastern Europe at the Agency of the French Government. Former President of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products, co-author of the success of drug harmonization. Appointed to the Health Protection Section of the National Development Council at the President of the Republic of Poland. Clinical pharmacologist - Wolski Hospital Warsaw.

Founder of Fundacja Razem w Chorobie (Together in Sickness Foundation). Expert on behalf of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development from London, working for the Ukrainian Ministry of Health in the field of medicinal products.

mgr inż. (M.Sc.Eng.) Marek Ruzikowski - chemical engineer, a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. He has nearly 40 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the division responsible for the development of companies. He is the national representative in the European Generic Medicines Association. GMP specialist, former President of Zakłady Farmaceutyczne "Unia" (Pharmaceutical Plant "Unia"), creator of patents in the field of emulsion production for the treatment of skin diseases and gel used in dentistry, Polish representative for "Pan-European Regulatory Forum, member of ISPE (International Society of the Pharmaceutical Engineering) .


prof. dr inż (Prof. PhD-Eng.) Jan Cetner - process engineering chemist, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Management at the College of Ecology and Management in Warsaw, specialist in environmental protection management; he conducted research in the field of gas desulfurization in fluidized beds of large particles.


prof. dr hab. n. farm. (Prof. Pharm D.)  Anna Malm - is a specialist in medical microbiology; she has the right to practice as a laboratory diagnostician. Since 2008 she has been the head of the Microbiological Diagnostics Department of the Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Lublin. Dean of the Pharmaceutical Faculty with the Department of Medical Analytics of the Lublin Medical University. She conducts research on the mechanism of plasmid resistance and cadmium toxicity for bioenergy processes. Member of the Polish Society of Microbiologists.

prof. dr hab. n. med. (Prof. Dr. Med.) Cezary Szczylik - member of the Cancer Biology Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Oncological Society, Polish Society of Hematology and Transfusion. Founder and president of Fundacja Onkologii Doświadczalnej i Klinicznej (Experimental and Clinical Oncology Foundation), co-founder of the Molecular Medicine Study. His achievements include over 150 scientific papers. Current scientific research by Cezary Szczylik focuses on local treatment of primary and metastatic liver tumors, chemoimmunotherapy of kidney cancer, and transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells. Head of the Oncology Clinic of the Military Medical Institute.

dr n. med. (Dr. Med) Piotr Gietka - rheumatologist, Head of the Clinic and Polyclinic of Rheumatology of the Developmental Age of the Institute of Rheumatology in Warsaw, specializes in primary inflammation of blood vessels, numerous research works on the inflammation of kidneys in the course of systemic lupus erythematosus in developmental age, as well as in the improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic methods in clinical medicine.


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